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If you want to keep track of your website's standing among other internauts, there are a few tools that could help you by providing you with the desired information.
One of the specialized applications that can help you in the situation depicted above is Alexa Monitor, a lightweight widget that displays your Alexa ranking directly on your desktop, without any other distractions.
Lightweight Alexa ranking widget
This tiny piece of software can help you keep track of your Alexa ranking by constantly displaying it on your desktop in a non-intrusive manner, without opening any additional windows or menus.
The information is displayed in the widget's main screen, which takes a small portion of your screen and is visible directly on your desktop. There is a field where you are prompted to type the website you want to see the ranking for.
Simplistic interface
Due to it being a widget, there is not too much to its interface. Since the application's purpose is simply to display the Alexa ranking of the website you chose, you cannot view additional statistics or other insight.
After you type the desired website in the designated field, the widget fetches the corresponding data automatically and displays it beneath the text box.
Rudimentary configuration menu
Alexa Monitor also provides you with a rudimentary configuration window, where you can adjust the size of the widget by typing a percentage value in the corresponding box.
It is also possible to enable notifications whenever a new version is available and perform a check for updated versions by clicking the dedicated button. Accessing this configuration window can be done by hovering the mouse pointer over the widget and clicking the wrench icon.
Lightweight app that displays the Alexa ranking of a given website
All things considered, if you need a quick way to keep track of your website's Alexa ranking, you can turn to Alexa Monitor, as it can provide you with the information you seek in an easy manner.







Alexa Monitor Crack+ Free Download [Win/Mac]

Alexa Monitor Crack Free Download is a simple widget that displays your Alexa rank by constantly updating it in a non-intrusive manner.
Simple user interface, with no extra features.
Up-to-date Alexa rank.
Highly configurable.
Slight delay in displaying the new rank.
Small in size, so it doesn’t take up too much space on your desktop.
Tiny widget that can be placed anywhere you want.
Helpful for websites with highly fluctuating Alexa rankings.
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Windows 7

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Alexa Monitor With Serial Key PC/Windows

Keymacro is a program designed to help you to automate most of the tasks on your PC. Among other things, the program lets you remap keyboard shortcuts, it lets you record keyboard strokes and define macros, as well as it can be used as an interface to the Sysinternals tools.
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Other features
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Alexa Monitor X64

Alexa Monitor is a lightweight Alexa ranking widget that is capable of displaying the website’s Alexa ranking.
It is available in multiple languages.
Alexa Monitor is a free application that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
1. First of all, download Alexa Monitor from the developer’s website.
2. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.
3. Proceed through the installation wizard.
4. Once the installation is complete, you can access the configuration menu of the application by moving the mouse pointer over the widget and clicking the wrench icon.
5. From the configuration menu, you can change the widget’s size and enable notifications about the latest version being available for download.
How to use Alexa Monitor to keep track of Alexa ranking:
1. First of all, open the configuration menu by moving the mouse pointer over the widget and clicking the wrench icon.
2. From the configuration menu, click the Settings tab to access the customization options of the application.
3. In the Search For website box, type the name of the website you want to check the Alexa ranking of.
4. When you find the website you want to check, click the Update Alexa button.
5. The application will retrieve the website’s Alexa ranking and display it in the Search For website box.
You can also view the overall Alexa ranking of the website you are checking by scrolling down to the bottom of the widget.
You can stop tracking Alexa ranking by clicking the Update Alexa button in the configuration menu.

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System Requirements For Alexa Monitor:

A 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 or newer
A 3.2 GHz (or faster) CPU
A 1 GB or 2 GB RAM
A DirectX 9.0 compatible video card
Minimum 10 GB of hard drive space
Internet Explorer 10 or newer
Maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080
If you are new to the game, you will need to purchase a game key online or from a third party and enter it in the game client to download the game client.
Terms of Service:

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