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How to display dialog message before inserting a row to database

I have a form with some fields which includes username, password, contact etc.
I want to display a message/dialog box like “Insert into database” (with OK and Cancel button) before inserting a row into database.


You can achieve this by using Ext.NET’s own Dialog windowing component.
Ext.NET uses Ext.MessageBox instead of standard java dialogs.
To create a simple dialog you do this:{
title: ‘Foo’,
msg: ‘Hello’

See the docs here.
This is the official API docs.


See the new JQuery dialog for a good example of a dialog box.

A medical facility is in need of an effective system to display and/or acquire pertinent patient information. A patient may be provided with a medical implant that includes a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponder, which communicates with an RFID interrogator that is carried by a health care provider. The RFID interrogator may be used to access patient information that is stored on the implanted RFID transponder. The health care provider may then use this information to enhance the medical treatment provided to the patient.
As patients age, they may require additional services and/or treatments which are not included in the standard plans that have been developed for the general population. Often, older patients are unable

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