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and so on..


You can explode the array by using the spl_object_hash() function.
foreach($array as $data){
echo “”. spl_object_hash($data). “”;

This will print something like


Then you can add this value to a key to store it in a database.
You can use some pre-exploded list from the database in case you want.

Pick up details from the Apple Store…

As we covered in June, several “authentic” copies of the iPad 2 were being sold on eBay — a trend Apple said it couldn’t control. So today, it took a stand by publicly going after eBay for listing counterfeit iPads, and hosting its own in-store events to educate customers. At a media event Tuesday morning, Apple VP Eddy Cue discussed the company’s efforts to stop fraudsters from ripping off its products, and explained how it’s worked with retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Staples to get the word out.

The big news is that in addition to those retail meetings, Apple is also working with eBay to make sure that some of the worst-selling counterfeit products are banned from sale, and we hear that some of the biggest listings in the market have been taken down already. Cue also stressed that the company encourages “guardians” — or upstanding individuals — to come forward if they suspect they are seeing someone else using their credit card, and file a complaint with iTunes or Apple’s in-store customer care centers.

So, how can the average consumer protect themselves? Read on for our recommendations on stopping in-store and online fraud, or verifying an iPad they already own.Q:

AJAX call not working when route url change in Backbone

Why Ajax call is not working when i change url in Backbone.
Suppose i have an backbone app with one page.

When i click on a button i change the url.

and get the data from api server.

The application has a small set of. – (.text,.textstr,.textdata,.data,.rodata,.rotext,.data.cfi.fbss,.xdata,.xdata.cfi)) files. File names are written using the UTF-8 encoding.
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