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Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare disease and it is caused by infection of the subcutaneous layer by group A *Streptococcus* and *Staphylococcus* bacteria \[[@B1]\]. The most common clinical manifestations of necrotizing fasciitis are localized pain and swelling, but it also causes systemic toxicity and sepsis, which are associated with high mortality and potential long-term sequelae \[[@B2]\]. It most often affects the lower extremities and the perineum, but it can also affect the torso, neck, back, and abdomen \[[@B3]\]. Prompt diagnosis and management are crucial to reduce patient morbidity and mortality and to avoid permanent sequelae of these patients \[[@B4]\].

We report a very rare case of necrotizing fasciitis in a middle-aged female patient in which limb-sparing resection was required and we also review the literature.


A 35-year-old female presented to our emergency department with a 3-day history of a progressively enlarging, tender, and erythematous ulcer with irregular borders on her right lower leg that had progressively worsened in the past 2 days. She had no significant medical history including none of the associated risk factors (diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure, long-term steroid use, trauma, or infection). On admission, the patient had an elevated white blood cell count (10,280/µL), a C-reactive protein level of 8.3 mg/dL, and a temperature of 38.3℃. On physical examination, she was tachycardic (heart rate of 120 beats/min) with a respiratory rate of 18 breaths/min. She had a 1-cm erythematous, tender, irregular, partially necrotic ulcer with an abscess on the middle third of the right lower leg. There was no evidence of local heat, joint

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DownVidCoder 7.0.0 Crack Keygen\] on rigid and locally dense vertex-transitive graphs.

[**Acknowledgments.**]{} This paper was partially supported by the Centro de Matemática da Universidade do Porto, the European Research Council ERC Starting Grant PAVES and by the German Science Foundation (DFG) grant DR 235/36-1.


O. Angel, D. Gonçalves, B. Lidický, S. Norine: Dichotomy for large locally dense bipartite graphs. [*J. Combin. Theory Ser. B*]{}, [**95**]{} (2005), 161–174.

C. Borgs, J. T. Chayes, L. Lovász, V. T. Sós, K. Vesztergombi: Many problems and ideas in graph theory related to 4-chromatic hypergraphs, [*In: Infinite and Finite sets,*]{} (ed. H. G. Pettersson) Stud. Math. Hungar. [**41**]{} (2008), 59–104.

C. J. Colbourn, J. H. Kempe: The graph of the square of a graph. [*J. Combin. Theory Ser. B*]{} [**26**]{} (1979), 32–38.

D. Gonçalves, B. Lidický, S. Norine, R. Šámal, On edge-parallel characterizations of the symmetric family of block graphs. [*Discrete Math.*]{} [**310**]{} (2010), 5206–5214.

D. Gonçalves, B. Lidický, S. Norine, C. Schmidt: Characterizing the trees with maximum degree 6 in terms of tree-saturated graphs, [*SIAM J. Discrete Math.*]{} [**26**]{} (2012), 925–938

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