Enpc Perso Test Tunisie 📣

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Enpc Perso Test Tunisie 📣

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Enpc Perso Test Tunisie

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Parse JSON response data: Python

New to Python, so please forgive me if I have not used the correct terminology.
I am trying to use the discord.py API’s to access a random user’s profile and output the data to a web page. I am currently working on the username.
I have



You’re doing this:
for n in num_test_sum:
print(‘ ‘.join(n))

But you meant this:
for n in num_test_sum:

The characters in the string are not a separate item in the string; they’re part of the string, just like ‘a’ is part of “abc”. But the string is still a string. If you just wanted to print the individual characters, you might do this:

But in your case it wouldn’t help much since you’re looking at the string’s content instead of the individual chars.


I’d like to add two points.

It is a matter of taste, but this looks ugly:
for n in num_test_sum:
print(‘ ‘.join(n))

For the sake of clarity it is better to seperate the explanation from the code:

n is the current value from the for loop
num_test_sum is the whole list that you got
so doing print(‘ ‘.join(n)) you simply create a string that concatenate those two values.

Which is better and easier to understand is:

As for the second point:

I see that you get some warnings for the for loop:
for line in txtfile:
if line.split(“,”)[2] == n:

You did not specified the delimiter, the default is comma.
The code doesn’t make sense because you don’t put any condition to check what is the value of n.
The if is not needed, since it is the method of readline, which is called by the for loop, that is going to iterate over all the lines.
Anyway, if you just want to print the line, you can simply do:

Edit: See comments for the first point

American Dream

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Continuing the success of American Dream is the spotlight.

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