EVO Mail Server 5.1.5 Crack Free Download [32|64bit]

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EVO Mail Server 5.1.5 Crack + Latest

* Intuitive user interface which does not require to be an expert programmer.
* Automatically detects and updates to the latest recommended configuration.
* Supports FTP, SMTP and POP3 mail servers.
* Is a multi-user system.
* Simple and easy to use configuration.
* Administrative settings can be managed using the Evolution of Windows Control Panel (see also user manual).
* Automatic removal of expired messages.
* Automatic file and directory cleanup.
* Automatic spam filter.
* MS Exchange SMTP settings.
* Incoming messages can be moved to the Spam folder.
* Supports SSL-encrypted protocol.
* Supports Windows NT 4.0 – 2000, XP – 2003, Vista – 2008, Windows 8/10.

How to use EVO Mail Server Crack?

Please use the Windows Explorer or Synctoy to install EVO Mail Server, it will also install the mail client.
Check the “My Computer” menu – select “Program and Features”
Click to look at the features of your new copy of EVO Mail Server

Download EVO Mail Server via email

Follow the Link Below and download EVO Mail Server for Windows

If you are using a Mac, you can do same as follow:

1. Go to “www.evo1.com” and search for EVO Mail Server.
2. You will be directed to download link

Install EVO Mail Server via Exe file

Follow the instructions of installation of EVO Mail Server. It is the same as installing EVO Server.


You should use the same Microsoft Outlook version as EVO Mail Server.
If you have Email Server virus or you do not have administrator permission, EVO Mail Server will automatically delete the virus.
EVO Mail Server requires Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
You can download the file of EVO Mail Server for Windows easily with the Internet Explorer or another browser and the software installer that comes with the file will automatically install EVO Mail Server.
If you are using a Mac OS X, you have to download the EVO Mail Server from “www.evo1.com” instead and install it manually.
Click the file below to download EVO Mail Server for Windows :

Follow the procedure to install EVO Mail Server on your server

1. Download EVO Server ( see How to install EVO Server)
2. Copy the EVO Server executable

EVO Mail Server 5.1.5 Crack+ Free

EVO Mail Server is a simple and easy to use mail server solution that can help you to work more efficiently and flexible. It’s fully-compatible with most e-mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Evolution, Mutt, uucp or Pine) and works with any OS (Windows, Unix or Mac).
EVO Mail Server works with SSL certificate to encrypt all the messages and encrypt the users’ login details. Besides that, EVO Mail Server has a nice and easy to use webmail interface and a powerful mail client to support all the required functions that a mail server would have.
– Fully-compliant SMTP service;
– Fully-compliant IMAP/POP3 service;
– Webmail interface and powerful mail client;
– Local aliases for each user;
– Shared address book;
– Protocols support SSL/TLS and STARTTLS;
– Exchange calendar support;
– Automatic retry of connections;
– Forwarding of messages;
– TLS/SSL certificate authentication;
– TLS/SSL encryption;
– Unlimited number of users;
– Multiple domains;
– Support for MS Exchange 2000/2003/2007;
– SSL certificate authentication option.
Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 R2;
Supported MS Exchange versions: 2000, 2003 and 2007
And at least one of the following Windows operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
You must have an internet connection;
EVO Mail Server for Mac OS is available for Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard
EVO Mail Server is an easy-to-use, fast and high-performance mail server. It’s easy to configure, easy to use, and easy to maintain. It can help you to work more efficiently and flexible. It supports SSL and it’s the easiest to use solution with a webmail interface to handle mail accounts.
It’s a very small program with a very nice, clean and simple interface.
Help Files and Documentation:
More help and support for EVO Mail Server, please visit the “Support” section for more information.
If you like EVO Mail Server, please rate it and leave comments.
If you have any questions, please visit the “Contact us” section for more information.
Version 5.0: New:
– Fixed SMTP problems;


EVO Mail Server 5.1.5

EVO Mail Server is a fully automated solution that can be simply and rapidly configured in a matter of minutes. EVO Mail Server enables you to manage emails by groups such as mail users, mail administrators, mail technical support, mail marketing and other departmental groups. Furthermore, our mail server is suitable for different situations, such as SMTP authentication, POP3, IMAP, client or server authentication and account lockout management.Course Instructor:

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What’s New In?

It is a simple, stable and reliable IMAP mail server that is based on the latest IMAP 4.0 specifications.
You can also select a standard mail delivery mode which means the Inbox and all other folders of the mail server are shared by the clients on a public folder-by-folder basis.
This mode is especially useful when you have a large number of recipients who can use the mail server and you want to provide them with the Inbox only.
EVO Mail Server starts in a very simple mode, but you can easily change its settings by just following a few simple steps.
You can easily start a mail server for your local network. Also, you can customize the server for any environment, such as a corporate network, a small business network, a network on a university campus or even a home network.
EVO Mail Server supports a wide variety of IMAP clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird etc.
Your users will get an excellent mail management experience on their desktops. Plus, your mail server will make your life easier because of its simple setup and easy-to-use control panel.
EVO Mail Server provides you with the following options:
IP address management for sharing mail accounts on a public folder-by-folder basis, including the Inbox and all other folders of a mail server.
Smart address books to import automatically the contacts and mailing lists from Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail.
DNS management with domain name, IP address, or host name of the server and alias.
Email alias definitions, including auto address and subject.
Secure password store to hide the user passwords and to configure the master password for protected storage.
Auto configuration, upgrades and software installation wizard to solve the most common problems.
SendMail information in the Preferences tab.
Admin control panel where you can manage all the settings of the mail server.
EVO Mail Server is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to quickly administer an email server with a Windows client.

Evolution Mail Integration for Thunderbird

Evolution Mail Integration for Thunderbird helps you to organize your e-mail with folders, labels, rules, and filters.
Evolution Mail Integration for Thunderbird is a simple solution for saving e-mails, managing your e-mails, and searching for e-mails.
Evolution Mail Integration for Thunderbird will allow you to manage your e-mail in folders and categories, labeling and sorting your messages,

System Requirements:

Supported games:
Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier (GameCube)
Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud 2
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Email gamecentral@ukmetro.co.uk, leave a comment below, and follow us on TwitterEthical Standards and Safety: Roles and Responsibilities
a. Ensure the safety of all persons involved in the audit (includes the Auditor, the Independent Auditor, the Firm’s Senior Management


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