Interstellar Movie In Hindi Download BEST 720p Hdk

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Interstellar Movie In Hindi Download 720p Hdk

The movie Interstellar, which the mainstream media (USA) made it look like a doomsday-cult film, contains many factual inaccuracies that show how the media is manipulating the public (directly) and about what is really going on, or at least what most people should be aware of (indirectly):

The movie Interstellar is based on the works of Carl Sagan, which, in turn, are based on real data. With the appearance of faster-than-light travel and colonisation, Sagan, and now the world, was confronted with the possibility of an early doom. Although nobody in the world really believes in an early doom, when warnings from other exoplanets appear in the media, it is no longer a question of reality vs. fantasy.
Robert “Bobby” Frost, who invented the core-cryotube, says in the movie Interstellar, “We are not the most advanced life form in the universe, we’re just the most advanced life form in our solar system.” At the time Sagan wrote his works and Carl Sagan, Robert Frost had not even reached the discovery of alien lifeforms; until 1966, the only evidence was a comet which we found on the surface of Mars.
Neil deGrasse Tyson, a science communicator and Astrophysicist, was asked by Carl Sagan what would happen if earthlings had colonised Mars. He said, “I don’t think we’re going to encounter a soul, and I don’t think anybody else is either.” There are currently (February 2016) no humans on Mars.
In 2015, the NASA has been covering the news of “The Great Escape”, in which US President Barack Obama has proposed sending a human to Mars by 2030, and that a living, breathing human could be there by the mid-to-late 2040s. The American space agency has also planned a manned mission to Mars in the 2030s, with the ultimate goal of sending a human to Mars before the century ends.
By 2017, the NASA already had massive robotic orbital space colonies already orbiting Mars, and they are trying to build a space-colony on Mars.
In February 2018, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released a video of its general public programme “First Person on the Surface of the Red Planet”, where astronauts could act as explorers, journalists, and scientists. In the 2040s, NASA astronauts could become permanent residents on Mars, and first-person videos could be broadcast via UHD live


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