JFox Trading Journal Crack Free License Key X64 [Updated] 2022

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JFox Trading Journal Crack+ With License Key Download

Trading on the currency market requires more than solid financial knowledge and no investor can make a profit without having the proper tools at hand to conduct thorough analysis on price evolution and predictions.
jFox Trading Journal is a tool that can assist currency traders in keeping track of their transactions and analyzing the market trends in order to identify investment opportunities.
The application comes includes various currency pairs, but you can easily add more to the list. It can prove useful for managing the investment budget, storing data regarding all transactions, as well as generating statistical data on the account balance and the risk-reward rate.
Adding a new transaction to the list is a matter of a few clicks to input the requested information. You must configure the currency pair, the trading position (long or short), the entry and the exit prices, the stop-loss value, the ‘per pip’ value, open and close times, traget and used strategy and the time frame.
Optionally, you can enter comments and market fees for each transaction. The stored data can be backed up to your computer for safe keeping and restored at a later time.
jFox Trading Journal displays statistics on the number of transactions, profit or loss, the most profitable trade, the number of gained or lost pips, the most traded symbol, the total amount of paid fees and so on. Furthermore, it automatically generates conclusive graphs representing the account balance evolution and the risk-reward rate.
The application comes with a built-in note creator, as well as a tool that compares your EST time with the market hours in different financial centers around the world.
jFox Trading Journal cannot replace a professional market analysis application and it is of no use to those who don’t have a minimum of knowledge regarding currency trading. Its feature set makes is a handy application for advanced traders or finance students who want to learn more about the currency market.

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JFox Trading Journal (April-2022)

1. The program allows for the creation of trading journals with 1-5 currency pairs, each trading journal can be saved for later backup.
2. You can choose how to start a journal: as a new journal or from an existing one.
3. Each journal has a summary, opened, closed and closed trades, open and closed positions, as well as the balance.
4. You can add symbols, trades, positions and journal entries to the journal for later use. The account balance can be shown as a chart.
5. A currency pair panel is provided allowing for currency pair comparisons and graphs.
6. A Note List panel allows for detailed descriptions of transactions.
7. You can add market fees to the transactions, as well as comments.
8. The software automatically creates in-depth graphs of the account balance and the risk-reward rate.
9. The program can be used as an ADD-ON for other applications.
10. The program works under Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.
11. The program supports 64-bit editions of Windows and has no known 32-bit compatibilities.
License: Shareware, $59.95 to buy

More…This tool is a useful reference that can be used for keeping track of transactions and analyzing the market trends. It has a very user-friendly design and no advanced knowledge regarding currency trading is necessary to find the application useful.
Users who want to use it as a stock trading tool should have a certain level of proficiency in this field. The program cannot be used as a standalone tool to purchase and sell stocks but it could be a handy application for traders who don’t have a proper financial knowledge and are interested in currency trading.
The application allows for the creation of journals, each of them can be saved for later use and when the program is closed or reopened, the journal will be automatically loaded.
Journals can be opened and closed as you like, or you can choose between the ‘new’ journal mode or the ‘open or close journal’ one.
In the first one, a new journal is opened with the number of pips in the account. At the beginning, two pages are provided, a summary page, and a ‘trades’ page. By clicking on the ‘trades’ tab, you can access the list of trades. You can open or close the trades one by one or select a number of them and open or close them together

JFox Trading Journal [32|64bit]

* Stunning User Interface – jFox Trading Journal is designed in such a way as to make it easy to use even for novice traders.
* jFox Trading Journal is a powerful tool that will allow you to efficiently manage your account, create strategies, manage your charts, generate the graphs and report on the account balance and performance – all within one neat and pleasant user-friendly interface.
* The application provides access to all the features of the most popular and proven E*Trade trading platform which allow you to trade any currency pair with automated technical and fundamental analysis.
* jFox Trading Journal allows the user to trade on his currency pairs at the very same, intuitive, easy to use interface, that he is used to dealing with in his brokerage account with the most popular Forex broker.
* jFox Trading Journal allows the user to copy trades from his broker’s page for further analysis.

With this app, you can trade on the biggest and most liquid forex market in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
– We offer you a live trading platform that will allow you to trade the currency market with real time quotes.
– You can generate your own charts and monitor the market trends.
– Trade at your own pace and manage your capital 24/7.
– Trade on a smart mobile app that is truly a real-time trading platform.

With this app, you can trade on the biggest and most liquid market in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
– Trade live on real-time quotes.
– Generate your own charts and monitor the market trends.
– Trade at your own pace and manage your capital 24/7.
– Trade on a smart mobile app that is truly a real-time trading platform.

After download you will be asked a simple question, answer it and install the application.
You will see that the application is completely loaded with all the features of the real trading.
We have two versions of the application: for android and iOS. On the top of the application you will see an icon with the symbol of the currency you want to trade. On click you will see the market graph and the suggested strategy. To open the options menu, press the menu icon.

The application uses a powerful and more flexible algorithm than most of the competitors, and as you will read on the app description section, it will display the best strategy for a variety of different time frames, ranging from minute

What’s New In JFox Trading Journal?


jFox Trading Journal is a free, sophisticated and handy application that can make an investor’s life easier and help him track and analyze the market movements. It’s a must-have application for anyone who deals with currency exchanges or forex trading.

jFox Trading Journal (called jFox in the program) is specially designed for currency trading. While many programs that promise to help traders analyze market movements offer only a few basic functions (like myfxbook and trend-making tools), jFox Trading Journal packs a feature rich and handy application.

The application comes with an integrated data viewer and trading journal. The trading journal organizes transactions into a list format and allows you to change the order in which you want to view them, set a target price and calculate statistics on the market movements.

The application’s graphs represent the graph of your portfolio’s performance, the graph of your risk/reward rate, the graph of your account balance, or the graph of the evolution of your purchased and sold pips.

You can also generate report files for saving your statistics. The application comes with pre-set parameters for emailing the reports (export, view statistics, back up, etc.).

The data viewer displays the transaction log in the application’s window, which allows you to analyze the transactions and adjust the order or parameters of your trading to get the most out of the currency market.

If you are used to using other forex software, you will find jFox Trading Journal easy to use. You can:

– change the layout of the application window, for example, the placement of the graphs and the ticker,

– change the appearance of the graphs, for example, the placement of the graphs, amount scale,

– configure your trading, for example, choose the number of quotes per simulation, or enter stop loss or trailing stop, or choose other trading strategies,

– add to the list of transactions, for example, decide if you want to enter the base currencies of the USD, EUR, or JPY, or enter the CFD currency pairs

– decide if you want to enter open and close positions or only bought and sold positions

– choose between a long and short position,

– view the transaction log and graphs,

– configure your email parameters, for example, you can choose your email provider, your email subject, if you want the transaction log in HTML format or in a simple txt file


System Requirements For JFox Trading Journal:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista SP1
Processor: Intel Pentium III 1.0 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 3, ATI Radeon X800 or ATI Radeon X850
DirectX: Version 8.0
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Additional Notes:
– Full installation size: 1.3 GB
OS: Windows XP SP


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