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NoteCase Pro Crack Free License Key

Start date: 20140507
NoteCase Pro is a small-sized application that enables you to organize and manage your personal notes, reminders, tasks and activities in an efficient manner.
Friendly GUI
You come face to face with a pretty well-organized layout, as it consists of a menu bar, several buttons and a pane in which to view already-created notes, as well as another one in which to display details. Aside from that, extensive Help contents are included and ensure the fact that all types of users can easily learn how to work with NoteCase Pro.
Add custom tasks and notes, and use multi-tab environment
First and foremost, you should know it is possible to open multiple tabs in the same time, a feature which enables you to perform multi-task with ease. You can insert new notes and tasks with just a click of the button.
When it comes to the latter, you can input a start, due, expire and completed date, append it a priority and status, make it repeat at a user-input period of time, and upload an MP3 or WAV alarm.
Add icons and use text editing options
For both notes and tasks, it is possible to add an icon from a provided list or from the HDD in an ICO, PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP picture format, create tags and mark it as done, read-only or template.
This utility supports a pretty large number of text editing options, bookmarks can be added and edited and a spell checker is put at your disposal. You can view your word count, insert symbols, use an auto replace and complete feature and record audio input.
A final assessment
It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance as it requires a low amount of resources in order to work properly, while the response time is good. The interface is highly intuitive and we did not detect any hangs or crashes in our tests.
Overall, it is safe to say NoteCase Pro is a useful program, especially for forgetful users, as it helps them keep better track of events, appointments and tasks, as well as take notes. It encompasses a large amount of options which can keep you busy for quite a while.



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NoteCase Pro Free [Updated-2022]

Capturing, highlighting and annotating PDFs with ease.

Live brush tool, allows you to use your own handwriting.

View all current and past tasks in the calendar.

Create checklist for all your tasks and tasks

Store PDFs and other documents in your bookmarks and notes.

Easy text notes include attachments and tasks, mark pages and lock them.

NoteCase Pro Freeware

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NoteCase Pro Crack Free Download

It is an amazing organizer for all your needs in a very easy way.

NoteCase Pro Features:

Organize and manage your notes, reminders and tasks

Take note of important events and plans

Create notes and tasks quickly and free of charge

Easily create reminders that are timely and true to nature

Use all the time you want, without hindering performance

Organize your day right when you wake up

The application’s interface is user-friendly, intuitive, responsive and compatible with different operating systems.

A perfect recording program that respects the privacy of your notes.

NoteCase Pro Interface:

Efficient navigation – Using the mouse, you can move from one task to another, move between open windows, change the selected text and add new items to the system.

Task management – Available from the menu bar, you can create new notes and tasks, delete them, edit their attributes, view the details and statistics.

Content management – You have an option to import files from various locations and create notes in various formats.

Tasks can be highlighted to easily spot them in a sidebar menu.

Add custom icons to your tasks.

You can put an icon in all kinds of files, including images, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Microsoft Office documents and archives, etc.

It will put a date and time in specified parts of a file.

It will make a filtered search in both the notes and tasks list.

It has a built-in spell checker that will check your text and report errors.

You can find your word count and sort your list of notes in different ways.

Text editing options include an auto-replace and a complete feature.

You can change the language of the text editing to English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Hindi, Korean, or Vietnamese.

You can record your own audio input and easily check a word count.

Find the words in the clipboard and put them on the display.

It has a multipurpose text editor that can be used for reading articles, editing text, writing articles, notes, etc.

Keep your content organized into folders.

You can change the background color, insert page breaks between paragraphs, and merge duplicate tasks or notes.

It is compatible with a number of different notes, timers, tags, and messages

What’s New in the NoteCase Pro?

NoteCase Pro is a simple to use notes application.It is user-friendly, so you can use with ease. It comes with easy-to-use interface. You can organize your notes, tasks and notes with ease.
NoteCase Pro Key Features:

Unlimited notes

Highlight and mark a note

Triggers an email notification

Choose from a variety of icons and displays images

Manage reminders

Manage tags

Collaborate with others in real time

Publish notes and tasks in social networks

Maintains a photo library

Works on all Windows platforms

Increase Efficiency of your Home and Office Organization – organize notes and tasks with ease
NoteCase Pro is an easy to use notes application. It works on all Windows platform including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista and XP. It is simple, intuitive and light weight. You can organize your notes, reminders, tasks, contacts and notes into folders and can share them through your social network and email. Notes and tasks have a priority, tags and media.
When you have notes, reminders, tasks, contacts or notes in NoteCase, you can organize them easily. You can quickly organize into folders, use tags to organize and manage your notes, reminders, tasks, contacts and notes, images or even to share them with people using a variety of icons.

It is easy to find notes and reminders which you might need. You can easily organize your notes, reminders, tasks, contacts and notes, media. Notes have a priority, tags, status, due date, expire date, category, priority and order. You can add notes and reminders with just one click.

Get real time notifications through email, SMS, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. You can also share notes and reminders with people or group in real time. You can even collaborate with others in NoteCase Pro.

Provide better memories for you & your family and others. With NoteCase, you can have all your notes together in one place, automatically sync the notes across multiple devices.

Which Windows platform you use does not matter. You can organize and manage your notes, reminders, tasks, contacts and notes on any platform..

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System Requirements For NoteCase Pro:

Modding MUST be enabled to access the mods list.
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