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Emacs use-package: how do I include a *package* in my main configuration?

I want to do the following:

add a new package to Emacs.el;
start Emacs in use-package mode.

This documentation, Installing Packages, says that:

To include the package in your init file:
(use-package MY-PACKAGE…)

However, a little further up, the doc says:

The package definition itself is simply added to your ‘load-path’, so that you can load it from your init file:
(require ’MY-PACKAGE)

I don’t understand how to translate that last command into emacs-lisp code. Please help, thanks.


You can put a file named package-alist (plural) into your init file. Then when you run
(load ‘package-name)

It’ll automatically get added to package-load-list.

Early and late responses to endotoxin: dose effect in CD-1 mice.
Adult CD-1 mice were studied for the influence of the dose of endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, LPS) on T- and B-cell and macrophage activation, and on mortality (100, 12.5, or 1.3 mg/kg). Marked differential dose-related effects were found on weight gain, total white blood cell (WBC) number, T- and B-cell, and macrophage counts in the blood. Low and intermediate doses of LPS induced a transient WBC elevation followed by a drop to lower levels, T-cell activation, B-cell depression and hyperglobulinemia. At a higher dose, initial WBC elevation was less pronounced and transient T-cell activation was diminished. T-cell depression was most pronounced at 100 mg/kg and higher, as were B-cell and macrophage depression and mortality. LPS induced a specific depression of a B-cell


It’s normal, the website remove this.
You can use this code to catch the fetch request and then remove the right part :

$dom->getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[1]->nodeValue = preg_replace(‘#\G#’, ”, trim($dom->getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[1]->nodeValue));
echo $dom->saveHTML();

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