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Wake up after being drugged by a group of mysterious men, you find yourself at a mansion. There you meet the owner of the mansion, a young girl named Mila, along with three males: Kurisu, Tatsuya and Atsuko. Who are these people? Who are they after? What do they want? Which ending will you have?
You will gain access to the mansion via an elevator, and begin your search to find out the truth about the mansion and what is going on here. As you learn about the mansion, you also start to feel roused by Mila’s sweet talk. You are sure that her voice is getting to you, but there is still no clue about where these three people have come from.
You will get many choices to make, and many ‘hands’ that can give you different endings, but you can’t tell which one will be your real ending. Does that make it interesting? Of course it does!
Also, you will get to be pampered in the mansion! Which ending will you have? Find out yourself!

About Me:
I am an artist that loves eroge. I’m also a self-proclaimed otome maniac! On my spare time, I make my own Original Soundtracks to my otome games. I also have a Youtube channel which is extremely popular! I highly suggest you check it out and/or subscribe if you like my music.
Don’t forget to check out my twitter (for updates on my other video games!!!) @ErogeMusak

I work with a very limited number of translation projects, and unfortunately this is a Japanese Otome game I made. I do have an English voice over, and i do have some smaller sprites (near the beginning of the game), if you happen to get error messages regarding the sprites, you can use them. I didn’t create the credits file, so I cannot help you with this. Sorry! (But I am working on more sprites).

If you leave me a review, you will receive sfx or vanilla sprites, depending on the type of review you leave. (Thank you!…)

If you link to my channel or this game, please leave me a link to my channel and the game. Thanks!

Finally, I can’t help you a LOT regarding the grammar. I’m sorry,


TRISTOY Features Key:

  • New Town Game: Create your own cities and towns.
  • Multiple City Types: Each town represents a different type of settlement.
  • Multiple NPCs: Randomly generated village NPCs for a variety of characters.
  • Special Event: Random bonuses and buffs.
  • Random Weather: Visual effects like rain, fog, wildlife, and many more.
  • All in 5K! Every map includes uncompressed, high quality maps of each city.
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    TRISTOY [32|64bit] (Latest)

    OtakuMaker Studio Pack : Play, Edit and Craft in One!
    The OtakuMaker Studio Pack gives you the whole gamut of tools to create a custom mod for Steam. Other than giving you access to a large arsenal of tools, Mods, the Steam Market and Steam Workshop all in one package, the Studio Pack also gives you access to a GUI for Studio edition 1.0 of OtakuMaker.

    Edit Multiple Game Files + All Game Files
    Edit Multiple Mods + All Mods
    Add New Mods + All Mods
    Add New Files + All File types
    Add New Characters + All Characters
    Edit Multiple Characters + All Characters
    Add New Sounds + All Sounds
    Edit Multiple Sounds + All Sounds
    Customize First Person View with Custom Models, Custom Screens and Special Effects + All First Person Views
    Edit Room + All Rooms
    Batch Export Mods + All Mods
    Batch Import Mods + All Mods
    Batch Rename + All Mods

    So that’s what it all means, let’s see how you can get started!
    From your OtakuMaker Studio pack installation folder, open up OtakuMaker Studio.ini and Edit it. You can edit the mod folder, the Directory of the game files and the Directory of the files/games you have installed for example.
    Here is the location of the files


    This is the location of the game you’ve installed and the folder contains the game files

    SoftwareName\Steam\steamapps\common\Steam\steamapps\common\steamapps\game folder

    Finally Version released today. Still, not all bugs have been fixed, especially 3.0 and 4.0. Furthermore there will be no new features before So, you get a new version and new bugs. Have fun!
    *Bugs Fixed*
    – Most bugs with the mod list have been fixed
    – Editor bug reported in case of empty mod list has been fixed
    *Bugs Not Fixed*
    – Some bugs with the 3.0 Mod View have been removed
    – The mod list and the main window can not be closed normally anymore
    – Please add your feelings on Facebook. 🙂
    Please try to avoid negative reviews on Google Play Store. Negative reviews will not help us.
    Thank you,
    Cordelia Aleöd (cordelia@arty


    TRISTOY With License Key Free Download [Win/Mac]

    To begin, Jiangshi x Daoshi is a visual novel game, and not an anime. This means you are playing the role of a guy named Luan – in fact, you are the main character of the game. When Luan wakes up in the middle of the jungle, he has amnesia. He can remember his name, but not what happened to him. He is shocked to find that he has superhuman strength, and is chased by murderous creatures who want him dead. To save himself, Luan is taken in by a dao priest, Ling Ling. Together, you two must work together to find out who has framed you for a crime you didn’t commit, in order to free yourself from the man you are sure is your killer. And they do – but that’s not all.

    Jiangshi x Daoshi begins in the middle of a massive battle between the assassins of two rival clans, the Jiangshi and the Daoshi. The two clans have been fighting for a long time, and it’s only a matter of time before one clan overcomes the other. If that happens, all of Luan’s family will be murdered, and Luan won’t have a way to stop his body from healing every time it is torn apart. Luan’s body has no choice but to evolve. He turns into a vampire, and must take the form of a little girl named Jiangshi, in order to turn his family into vampires as well.

    This is only the first half of the game – the Jiangshi x Daoshi story is actually divided into two parts, Jiangshi x Daoshi – Boy Meets Girl and Jiangshi x Daoshi – The Fable of the Fake Elixir of Life.

    In Jiangshi x Daoshi – Boy Meets Girl, you will be able to fall in love with a fellow Jiangshi. However, in order to learn your purpose in life, you must first help the Daoshi find the True Elixir of Life. When you defeat the demons who steal the elixir, you find out that they were the ones who sent your blood-tearing attackers to try and murder you. But the pair of you can’t kill anyone – not even each other. And if you can’t be romantic partners, then what is your purpose in life?

    In the second half of the game, the Jiangshi is engaged to his mortal enemy, the Daoshi. The Jiangshi, who became a dao priest, has been made into an undead killer by


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