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Array of unions inside struct not initialized

I wanted to use a union in a struct to create an array of unions. I saw code like this:

typedef union
uint32_t a;
uint32_t b;
} my_union;

typedef union
uint32_t a;
uint32_t b;
} my_union_array[2];

my_union_array my_array[2];

This compiles and runs in gcc 8.2.1, without any warnings. But when I run it, my_array[0].a has garbage values, whereas my_array[1].a has the correct value.
Why does this happen?


This is Undefined Behavior. The C-standard does not guarantee that accessing a union element returns a value that you would expect to see in that element of the array. To quote a section from the C-standard, “If an attempt is made to read or modify an object defined with a later type through a glvalue of an earlier type, the behavior is undefined.” The quote is from, emphasis mine.

[…] When an attempt is made to use an object defined with a later type as if it has a type earlier than that later type, the behavior is undefined.

The relevant paragraph in the same section says, “There are two ways to define the same type in different scopes. First, a type can be given an array type by using an extension. Second, a type can be given an incomplete type. ” And it goes on with different examples. For your case, another declaration,
typedef union {


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