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The launch of the next big Windows update is the talk of the town in 2021, even from before Microsoft unveiled details about its new features in the month of June. And here we are in October with Microsoft releasing Windows 11 to the public.
Get Windows 11 ISO files to take the new OS for a spin 
Please keep in mind that your device must meet the minimum system requirements for Windows 11, as listed on this page. Alternatively, you can use the PC Health Check application from Microsoft or a similar third-party application to test the compatibility of your system with Windows 11.
Enjoy the next generation of Windows 
Like most Windows enthusiasts, you might be curious and excited about the upcoming release of the operating system. And for good reason, considering that Windows 11 is the first major upgrade since back in 2015.
First, Microsoft promises a brand-new user experience due to the revamped user interface in Windows 11. The new working environment showcases Microsoft's Fluent Design guidelines and was inspired by the shift of the Windows computer from a functional instrument to the tool that brought people together during the difficult times in 2020.
A centered taskbar with customizable behavior 
Let’s now dive deeper in and see what the new Windows 11 brings to the table. The new design is simpler and cleaner, with a new color palette, rounded item geometry and multiple desktops to work with. The taskbar is centered and the button of the main menu is placed in the middle as well, building up a layout that might remind you of the macOS dock.
The taskbar is permanently pinned to the bottom edge of the screen and there is no way to move it to the right, left, or top. On the other hand, icons on the taskbar can be aligned to the left.
All the essential tools are practically pinned in the taskbar and the icons of newly opened applications are added to the right. While the defaults are designed to provide one-click access to everything you need, you are free to customize the taskbar items as you please.
While Windows 11 does come with a dedicated search app that you are instantly redirected to, there is an issue with the Start Menu search bar that prevents you from typing inside it. This bug is a known issue and, hopefully, Microsoft will fix it in the following releases.
A Windows Explorer overhaul 
The new look and feel of the File Explorer (old Windows Explorer) ditches the ever-popular ribbon and replaces it with a much more simplified toolbar that includes small icons to help you carry out basic tasks. Additional options are available in the three-dot menu, such as managing and mapping network drives or accessing the extra options. It is a matter of taste to whether you will like the new design better than the old ribbon-based one.
As for the sidebar, it is somewhat similar to the one in Windows 10, allowing you to pin items and manage favorite locations. The new icons are easily noticeable, but what is changed to a higher extent is the right-click context menu, which now uses small icons instead of a list for common file management operations.
Miss them? The widgets are back in Windows! 
Provided you are logged in with your Microsoft account, you can enjoy the new Windows 11 widgets. Thanks to the AI-powered functionality, widgets can change by the time of day and your habits in using apps. Touch screens allow widgets to be revealed as you swipe right the monitor.
Somewhat reminding of old Windows widgets and gadgets, although not the same, the new widgets include the news feed powered by Microsoft News, the weather forecast, financial market reporting, and so on.
The new Microsoft Store puts developers in first place 
The new Microsoft Store app is also significantly enhanced, now providing support for Android apps that run on Windows 11. Moreover, the partnership with Amazon makes it possible for users to access Amazon Appstore apps from within the Microsoft Store.
The purpose of the new Store is to allow as many developers as possible to populate the Store marketplace with their apps and games. Showing openness and flexibility, Microsoft allows the usage of third-party commerce systems.
There are noticeable differences between the new Windows 11 and its predecessors, but there also plenty of legacy dialogs that are practically the same. The changes we have seen so far improve the overall user experience, focusing more on productivity, usability and ease of access. We'll be seeing more as the OS evolves, and you can also sign up for the Insider Preview program to experiment upcoming features before they reach the stable branch.







Windows 11 [32|64bit]

Windows 11 is available now and you can easily install and take it for a spin.
With an improved user experience, Windows 11 offers you a more productive computing platform 
Windows 10 made a couple of changes, but not the slightest expected from the latest operating system update. Microsoft ended up revamping the Windows user interface and added new features, such as the Fluent Design language and the new taskbar.
However, the biggest change is the integration of the Windows Store, which is now the default place for app distribution in Windows.
We have to say that some aspects from Windows 10 are now more prominent, while others are less so. We are also seeing a different user interface design, which allows the use of all the differences between Windows 10 and Windows 7.
The most important update with the update lies in the integration of Cortana with Windows 10. The personal digital assistant is now widely used, and its capabilities have been enhanced by using the Windows 10 Cloud Services and Cortana Intelligence Suite.
There are some improvements as well, such as the integration with the Microsoft Store and with Android apps. Cortana also provides more features and functionality to notify its users about their tasks and events.
An Improved Search Experience 
No major changes from Windows 10, but there are some subtle changes that improve the overall user experience. As a part of the Microsoft Outlook apps, the search bar was now permanently added to the top of the left pane, so you are always ready to find any email from the Exchange mailbox.
Microsoft also improved the network search experience.
The new version is a bit more versatile and compatible with your devices, but it is, unfortunately, lacking the new Windows Mobile apps and the iOS devices. Windows 11 features Microsoft Edge as the default browser, and it is available in the latest Windows 10 users.
A Spartan Renewed Start Menu 
The new Start menu of Windows 10 was stylish and clean. But it was also quite simplified and lacked important features such as the location of installed apps in the sidebar.
Windows 11 now comes with a revamped Start menu, with the location of installed apps on the sidebar and the ability to pin important folders such as the Pictures folder.
The sidebar can be resized to maximize the viewing, and this is the only place for an additional location of installed apps.
The most noticeable changes, however, are the unified UI and the updated appearance of the operating system. It is not comparable to Mac OS X or the macOS, and it is more similar to the macOS Mojave.

Windows 11 Crack X64 Latest

The anticipated Windows 11 Full Crack is the newest operating system from Microsoft. The operating system is a major redesign of the Windows operating system, and is said to include a revamped user interface, and give support for the ARM architecture. The new Operating System is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2021.
What’s New in Windows 11?
– Windows 11 in 2130, a major redesign of the Windows operating system
– Support for ARM architecture
– Improved security and privacy
– Ease of access for people with disabilities
– New side-by-side app viewing in Timeline
– New user interface and experiences
– Improvements to Microsoft Edge
– Ease of access for people with disabilities
What’s New in Windows 11
The operating system promises a number of improvements with its 2130 release, including a redesigned user interface, a new color scheme, and numerous accessibility updates.
The new UI will be polished and easier to use, allowing you to quickly navigate between apps and documents. The new rendering engine allows the OS to play smoothly and provides clear, high-definition visuals.
Coming with a new file system, Windows 11 will move most operations to the extensible cloud-based Files on demand, making it more secure. New support for ARM processors will also make the OS better suited for laptops and mobile devices.
Microsoft has also improved Windows Store apps, adding a more streamlined customer experience. The Windows Store now offers access to more third-party apps, including the Amazon Appstore.
Windows 11 Features:
Microsoft has been working on a major redesign since last year, developing a new operating system that is said to arrive in October 2020. The new version is expected to be the first major release since the Vista release, which has been a long time coming.
On May 31, 2020, Microsoft released the beta version of Windows 11 to the public, and judging by the new features included in the new operating system, the company has been working on the new release for a very long time.
Since the April 1st release of Windows 10, we’ve received an update every month, and it is expected that the company will release a major update every three months at least.
One of the biggest new features expected in the next Windows 11 update is the new technology called Files on Demand. The new technology allows Windows to automatically download files over the internet, using Azure-backed servers.
The new feature will change how Windows works, allowing you to access and edit files from the cloud even if you have

Windows 11 Crack+

Redesigned interface
New taskbar
New operating system

Driver versions for the newly released Windows 10 Patch Tuesday build 17763.151 include fixes for some of the most dangerous and widespread malware threats in 2019, including the “Encrypted Text of Tavis Ormandy” (Bubonic) and “Snare” (Burp).


I recently upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 10 April 2018 Update and use that as my primary operating system. I found that the interface is actually pretty good after having used Windows 8 for quite a few years.
I did get some minor issues:

The start menu was a bit buggy. I would click on the start menu icon in the right top corner of the screen and it wouldn’t open. Sometimes it would open the start menu, but it was empty, sometimes it would open the start menu, and it was full. This went on for a couple hours and no one could help me. So I put Windows 10 on hold for about a month, and called in Microsoft support. The support guy told me it was due to the upgrade to Win 10, and this would not happen again. After a couple months of holding out, I decided to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, and everything was fixed.
The notifications area in the bottom right corner was a little jittery. I don’t know if this happened because I installed the MS Security Monthly Update that changed the placement of the symbol to be a slightly taller X.
There were a few apps that would not install. But I’m not sure what the cause was there.

After using the system as my primary and as a secondary Windows device for about a year, I’m really happy with Windows 10. It has a lot of functionality, and it was a very painless process.
I hope this helps!
EDIT: I also forgot to mention that this was a clean install of Windows, and I had not run an antivirus program in a while.


I recommend downloading a clean Windows 7, and reinstalling Windows 10 on your PC.
This will be a clean/quick install.
This will offer the opportunity to install all of the apps/programs that you need without any “interference” from previously installed Windows 10 apps.

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What’s New In?

Windows 11 allows you to enjoy a new user experience with a new user interface. It adds a new taskbar, improves the Windows Explorer, and continues to support legacy apps.
The new user interface brings the power of the Fluent Design language to Windows. It adds new color schemes and tool themes, new text, and rich objects. It also leverages the new Windows for Universal Apps, allowing Windows users to perform the same tasks across the entire Windows 10 device family.
To take full advantage of the new design, switch to Tablet mode or use Touch, to receive the personal one-handed experience.
The redesigned taskbar brings easier access to apps and control centers, and it’s now centered on the screen.
With the new Windows Explorer, you can now open files directly from the File Explorer. You can also navigate files, folders, and files right from the new File Explorer with more options and improved search.
Microsoft Edge users can now preview web pages and emails right in the new tab view. You can now also download the PDF files that you find online.
If you’re no longer satisfied with the default apps for mail, calendar, and people, you can now easily get more choices. Microsoft Edge now includes a built-in Web browser that supports most of the web’s modern features.
Windows 11 lets you keep your legacy apps and games. The Windows Store is where you can download apps and games from.
Windows brings your work with you across your devices. You can now access your PC from an iPhone or Android tablet, enabling you to work from the go. The Microsoft Account sign-in feature lets you access your work on any device.
Windows app compatibility is now free for all users. When your apps from Windows 10 are ready for Windows 11, they’re automatically ready to use on Windows 10 PCs and tablets, Macs and phones.
Windows app compatibility is a free upgrade for all Windows 10 users.
Windows apps are fast, secure, and personal. With Windows security in place, updates are not the only way to be secure. You can only download apps and updates from the Windows Store. No more worrying about third-party app stores.
More options for Windows 10 are now included in Windows. You can now test apps or games in an isolated environment. You can even save screenshots or video clips for later.
Windows 10 Devices Command:
Windows devices command has a new UI and has been upgraded to do the following:
– show detailed info

System Requirements:

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