Zebra ZPL II Utility Download [Latest-2022]

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There are many types of programming languages and even printers have their specific codes that are employed to send commands and have specific content displayed accordingly. The Zebra Programming Language is no exception and it even has some dedicated tools for checking the code before it is produced as output.
One such program goes by the name of Zebra ZPL II Utility and comes in an extremely small package to offer you several handy features. The great thing about this application is that you can run it as such, without installation or any special configurations.
Grouped inside a simple interface, all the functions are at hand and there are only a few things you can customize. For instance, inside the ZPL tab of the utility you will be able to write or paste the code, then send it to a Zebra Printer with a single click.
When it comes to testing the administration commands, each of them can be individually selected and dispatched to the printer. You have the possibility to test out basic instructions like 'pause', 'resume' or 'cancel all', as well as print configuration labels or object lists.
Zebra ZPL II Utility will also make it possible for you to try and update, save or recall configurations and also send 'Power on Reset' commands to the target printer. In case you feel the need to read some more about a certain device, the 'Resources' tab will lead you to the location where you can seek for the necessary manuals.
All in all, since it is a highly specialized tool, Zebra ZPL II Utility is suited for a limited number of scenarios, but the ease of use makes it usable by everyone, regardless of their level of experience.









Zebra ZPL II Utility License Code & Keygen Download

The Zebra ZPL II Utility Free Download is a program that makes it possible to send ZPL coding directly to a Zebra printer, and it’s a very useful thing since they are extremely common and also always demand special attention from the user. In fact, it is extremely simple to use, just find a printer connected to the network, start the application and click the print button to start sending the necessary code to the device.
The only drawback of this application is that it only works with Zebra printers but there are many other categories of printers available.
The Zebra ZPL II Utility Free Download also has a unique system of settings so that it is easy to get the necessary information from the printer, it will also have you test it in case of any little problems in the future, so that you can quickly identify them if they appear again.
In the end, it is a very handy utility and it is highly recommended for anyone who uses Zebra printers and doesn’t want to be tied with a physical piece of paper.
Zebra ZPL II Utility Cracked 2022 Latest Version System Requirements:
* Zebra ZPL II Utility Crack Mac works on Windows operating systems, either 32 or 64 bit.
* At least 1 GB of available space on the disk drive.
* The printer to be used must be connected to the network.
* Depending on the version of the operating system, some drivers are required. The program needs to be updated to be able to work with your system.
* Zebra ZPL II Utility 2022 Crack requires a Zebra ZPL 2.0* External Programming Language version (SP-150, TPS 150, TPS 120, UPA 150, UPA 120, other).
* In addition to your existing version of Zebra ZPL II Utility Cracked 2022 Latest Version
* Versions that have been released with newer versions of Zebra printers.
* Versions that have been released with subsequent versions of the Zebra Printer
* The Zebra ZPL II Utility version that we recommend is the latest available version of Zebra ZPL II Utility.
This utility includes configuration examples, software installer, sample code for the most popular printers and a comparison of programming options.

Images provided by zebra. This file is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Is It Worth the Money?

Very good application, easy to use. Zebra ZPL II Utility works fine on my printer, except the programmer unit on the host machine is outdated and the A50 model printer needs an update, but it does work fine

Zebra ZPL II Utility Crack [Mac/Win] [Latest]

Zebra ZPL II Utility is a special utility that runs on a computer running Windows XP or higher and comes in a very small package. Running on a PC, you can check the ZPL code on display and print out any of the forms.


· Support for ZPL Code 8.5.0 and ZPL Code 9.0.0-12.0.0

· Uploading and Downloading ZPL Code

· Code can be test or sent to a pritner

· Printing Test Code and Loading a Print Job

· Commands like pause, resume, cancel all and power on reset

· Resources tab with manuels for printers

· Code can be pasted into text area and the whole line can be printed out as ZPL code

· Save and Reload configurations

· Read or update manuals for printers, and upload a manual

Please Note: This software currently requires an Active Directory Domain. You’ll need a password, username and Domain Administrator for it to work. If you don’t have one, please follow the directions on the How To install section at the end of the article. If you do, then continue on and try to download the correct version below.

Installing ZPL II Utility

First off, you will need a computer that will be able to run a ZPL II Utility. While on my system of choice, the 64-bit Windows 7 operating system, this proved to work fine. If you are running XP or Vista, you will have to first install Windows 7 and use the 32 bit Zebra ZPL II Utility. This is simple enough to do since the program and the method are also on the official website.

After you have downloaded the Zebra ZPL II Utility for the particular operating system, you will need to extract the file. You can do so by first opening the folder which you downloaded the file and then right-clicking and selecting ‘Extract all’ or ‘Extract here’. Extracting will create a folder called ‘UnZip’s Files’ in the folder you extracted the file to.

This folder should contain the ZPL II Utility program. You’ll need to make sure you have this folder where you can run the program.

Using the Zebra ZPL II Utility

Select the ‘ZPL’ tab and then click the ‘Edit’ button. In the ‘Text or Pasting’ area, you can paste any Z

Zebra ZPL II Utility Crack +

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What’s New in the Zebra ZPL II Utility?

– Compatible with: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
– All editions and configurations
– In case you cannot use the application, you can always use the online translator (i.e. Google Translator)
– Support Zebra ZPL2
– Support Zebra’s ZPL3
– Support all Zebra PLCs
– Support all Zebra DTCs


– The application is as easy as it gets to use
– It is a one-of-a-kind multi-tool that can be used to check the printer codes and specifications, as well as print anything related to the device
– It is a robust application that works on every platform



A must have for any Zebra user!


By Rangeler

Finally, a ZPL to write to the universal port! Thanks to the author for this.

Quick tool


By Swifty Pony

Works as advertised.

Fun to use but the app needs some polishing.


By pstv.co.kr

It is a fun application to use. I love the way the app presents the commands that it runs. I could not test the object list, power on reset, update or print resource tabs at the moment though. I will test them later though.

Great utility


By Biria

Works as it says. One of the few utilities I’ve seen where the command you’re trying to program does not execute.

Delete this garbage app. I thought it was a fun gimmick but I’m done with it.


By MK#11

I have deleted it after running their support line. If your going to use it download a tool that is actually useful like ping or IP address finder. IDK why do these companies feel the need to put tools like this out there.

Easily opens the zebra prelci tab


By Yaebit

thanks to the author for this handy tool 🙂

Allows easy printing


By Nilesh Mishra

Works as it should

Works like a charm


By Arj Unnikrishnan

It work just as it should

Awesome. Simple and versatile.

System Requirements:

Sega Saturn (U)
Celeron 400@2MHz
Sega Saturn (Sega CD)
Celeron 120@2MHz
Sega Saturn (Super CD)
Microsoft Windows 7
CPU: Dual Core, Any
MSX2 and Sega Saturn compatible mice are supported
The soundtrack is in a separate file for easy


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